Young Glasgow Communists by Ken Currie poster print (80 x 60 cm)

Young Glasgow Communists by Ken Currie poster print


76 x 51 cm poster print of the historic work Young Glasgow Communists by Ken Currie, one third of the Glasgow Triptych painting.

Ken Currie (born 1960 in North Shields, Northumberland, England) is a Scottish artist and a graduate of Glasgow School of Art (1978–1983). Ken grew up in industrial Glasgow. This has had a significant influence on his early works.

Currie described the 'Glasgow Triptych' as showing the 'story of the Scottish working class in the 20th century, as reflected in the relationship between an old shop steward and political activist and a young unemployed man.'

He explained that the left-hand panel 'recalls the moment of the Labour victory in 1945, as remembered by the old activist and retold to the young man in the City Bar.' The central panel, 'The Apprentice', treats the early 1980s as years of decay, while the third, 'Young Glasgow Communists', shows a group of young activists planning for the future. The triptych is inspired by the work of Fernand Léger, the Mexican mural artists and the German Neue Sachlichkeit art of George Grosz and Otto Dix.

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