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InVivo nEXTh

Euro Mediterranean R&D Partnership 

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A project funded under the Eranetmed programme

InVivo nEXTh is a project developed under the Eranetmed research programme. It aims at facilitating the development of research and innovation based on an Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Accepted projects are co-funded by national research agencies of European and North-African member states. The Eranetmed programme has been created in order to coordinate research programmes between EU member states and mediterranean states.

Beginning of the project: July 2016 - End of the project : July 2019

The origin of the project: Sahara desert 

South of the Mediterranean sea, the Sahara desert represents an enormous potential for solar energy production, but its extreme weather conditions can affect photovoltaic and storage systems. Temperatures above 60°, with strong variation between day and night, violent wind associated with abrasive sand, are all variables that impact solar energy systems. 

For PV modules producers, it is essential to test their technologies under such environmental conditions with meticulous monitoring and evaluation work. It is only with such return on experience that PV producers will be able to adapt their operation and maintenance instructions and make sure that they can install their product in the southern-mediterranean region. Today, the lack of return on experience on how PV products react under such climate conditions is blocking massive development of solar energy in the Sahara region. 

InVivo nEXTh project

The InVivo nEXTh project answers this need for testing and monitoring solar installations under harsh climate conditions. During three years, InVivo nEXTh's partners will monitor and work on PV power plants (with a capacity under 1MWc) on 12 sites located in the Mediterranean region. 

InVivo nEXTh's work plan

1. Building an "In Vivo" data base

- on PV systems reaction in Mediterranean climate

- on operation and maintenance work carried out on PV systems in the region

2. Diagnosis and indicators

- diagnosis of variables influencing the performance of PV systems in harsh climate conditions

- indicators of performance

3. Best practices exchanges and recommandations

- recommandations and best practices guide on operations and maintainance procedures of PV systems in the Mediterranean region

- Dissemination of recommandations 

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